In your quest for the best shampoo for fine hair, you have surely read a lot and have been advised. However, in general, only one aspect is always taken into account when recommending a product.


    In this case it is the thickness of the hair, but, of course, a mane is not only characterized by having thick or thin fibers. We can have fine and greasy or dry or curly, wavy or straight hair, with a tendency to frizz or perfectly tame, wear dye, deco or virgin hair, which, in addition to fine is weak (which is the usual) but it is also possible not.


    What is a shampoo for fine hair for?


    Shampoo for fine hair is regularly formulated to cover various aspects.

    • The first, obvious and logical, washing. Like any other shampoo, it must have a high capacity to descale dirt, including the detergent property and, to a greater or lesser extent, degreaser.
    • On the other hand, and always speaking generally, a less aggressive composition will be sought. Fine hair, simply because it is, is more likely to break, as its diameter is smaller. Therefore, abrasive ingredients will be avoided.
    • When a formulator creates a shampoo for thin hair, she seeks that her product, in addition to washing, is capable of increasing the volume of the mane, since this is, and again speaking with the mathematics in hand, inferior to that of a mane of hair normal or thick.
    • Finally, we have the density increase. Some frequently used shampoos will slightly increase hair density due to thickening of the fibers.

    How to have more volume and make the hair look more

  • In order to increase volume, the brands include in their shampoos for fine hair ingredients that fill the fiber to make it more voluminous, such as filoxane, polymers, acacia resin, rice water, linden, nettle extract, rooibos, wheat, sage, cinchona bark, flax fiber, cassia, hyaluronic acid, black castor oil ...


    With this, as we say, we are filling the hair strands. Most of these ingredients are disappearing, so the effect is short-lived. However, there are others (natural) that work in a completely opposite way, creating real density over time as they become attached to the fiber to become part of it.


    Another essential aspect that works when formulating a shampoo for fine hair is the ability to ensure that the roots are not crushed but quite the opposite. To do this, they run away from excess oil and look for refreshing compounds, which help the hair to be more hollow.


    Why use a shampoo for fine hair?


    Well, the answer is obvious, right? It's supposed to be because you need it.


    This is a slightly aggressive product, which always means more care for the hair.


    The ingredients used to give density to the fibers are very respectful for the hair. Many, in fact, are highly beneficial by including among their properties some that are suitable for the hair fiber and / or the scalp; they are not just for filling. Visit this link to gain more ideas: natural shampoo


    Its predisposition to generate volume makes the hairstyles that require this easier to get, so we do not have to be hit with the dryer or the iron for so long and, with this, we will not damage the hair as much.


    Increasing both the hair density and the volume will allow you to make more different hairstyles and, with it, you can change your look much more often.


    The best shampoos for fine hair according to your hair type


    Now that you have seen for yourself how a shampoo for fine hair can make the difference (even if you also use other care and styling products), we are going to give you our most sincere recommendations also considering, and as we said at the beginning, other characteristics of your mane.

  • Choosing the hairstyle according to the wedding style


    If there is something that always causes a certain tension and anxiety in brides, it is the choice of hairstyle that you will wear on your big day. After all, it is not for less, with so many options and inspirations, this choice becomes an almost impossible task.


    There are brides who do not give up wearing loose hair, others are lovers of hair up, but it is important to always keep in mind the proposal of the wedding, your dress, accessories and especially your style so that the final result is the most incredible for you!


    The hairstyle can also reflect a lot the bride's personality, if more formal, if more stripped, more romantic ... However, one thing we are sure, whatever hairstyle you choose, every bride looks beautiful!


    Thinking about it we separated some tips on hairstyles that match each wedding style. And of course, we separated beautiful photos! Especially for brides who are still looking for ideas and inspiration and love the subject.


    Countryside / Beach Wedding


    Weddings in the countryside and on the beach have a very characteristic lightness and smoothness that can also be reflected in the beauty of the bride.

    For a wedding in the countryside or on the beach, with a more fluid, light and clean dress, hair looser, half tied, with braids and light accessories, such as natural flowers, for example, it combines a lot with the proposal and leaves a super romantic look .


    Traditional Wedding


    Truth be told, traditional wedding will never go out of style. It has a very characteristic elegance and glamor that must be taken into account when choosing a hairstyle.


  • For a wedding with a traditional proposal, the suggestion is more structured and tied hair. Bulky buns with a more imposing accessory will make the bride in perfect balance in her overall look.


    Boho Wedding


    The Boho wedding is super hot, and has been the darling of many brides for some time. Its more bohemian style mixed with many other styles like hippie, folk and ethnic allows the use of more extravagant accessories.


    It is a style that goes well with daytime outdoor weddings. Brides in general prefer to use natural flowers in their hair, which can be wreaths. Loose hair, braids, and very nude makeup are preferred and best suited for this style.


    Modern Wedding


    Some brides who do not give up their modern and super cool style and personality, bring this influence into their wedding, especially for their hairstyle and makeup.


    They are brides who want to leave the traditional and are not afraid to dare with a very striking eye or mouth, differentiated accessories and hairstyles with the most diverse structures and shapes.


    Day X Night Wedding by Gabi Back


    “The style of the bride who marries during the day is lighter, clean, with a luminous skin and an eye with more earthy tones. Less elaborate hair, with more discreet accessories such as flowers and tiaras, are more harmonious with this style. Visit this link to gain more ideas: wedding hair style


    For a night wedding, more marked make-up, smokey eye, outlined and more worked hair are ideal. Also striking accessories, such as crowns and stones, complete the ideal look. ”


    Useful Tips


    - It is not mandatory to let your hair grow in order to have a beautiful hairstyle, often very long hair can add extra weight and decrease the durability of the hairstyle;

    - When choosing your hairstyle and makeup always keep your style in mind, but also remember your fiancé, and how he would like to see you on the big day, after all it is for him that you should be beautified ;